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What if 1 Glock isn’t enough?!?

We really enjoy creative people and then particularly people that stick to a weird idea. As kids ducktape helped us to create some sick near full automatic berry shooting blowpipes. As we got older we lost intrest, this guy must have been … Continue reading

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RIP! A remix manifesto

Wow! With the birth of the “coup de sjans most radical blog” we obtained a new power! Recommending stuff we love and hope you love too!  So here goes… If you have not yet seen this movie This is a … Continue reading

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Dart Vaders House

Wow! After having seen Darth Vaders signature Snowboard Boots, Car and Boat we found Drath vaders house! Apollo Architects & Associates developed this mad looking crib. Check it out here.

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Surfers in Ultra HD

Surfers and body boarders in Oahu get the HD/slow motion treatment from Devin Graham. Wow!As non photography enthusiastics we now even want the Canon D7 .

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Hello world!

Lets do this!

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